Debugging to Confidence

And all of a sudden, I went from treating my code as delicate and afraid to mess it up, to ripping entire pieces off to see what would happen. Where I left off in my  last post  was that I had spent time trying to figure it out myself, finally went to my mentor but he couldn’t […]

Stuck but Growing!

I’m working through a checkpoint for the coding bootcamp I am in and am stuck. Just like all the other times I’ve been stuck, I got frustrated, took a step back and regrouped, did research, took a break, tried something new, did more research, tried more things, took another break and then I tried things […]

Eating My Words

At one point this week I had to have a sit down with one of my team members (I’m in management for my day job) to discuss how he’s been “putting in the effort to get things done instead of putting in the effort to get things done right”. He understood my observations and agreed with some suggested […]

Bloc Coding Bootcamp: The First 4 Months

Today is exactly 4 months from when I started the part time web developer track at Bloc, so what was the first four months like? I signed up about a week or so before my start date, I used that lead up time to do some free coding tutorials to make sure I wasn’t crazy […]

The Startup of My Career in Tech

The decision was so clear and happened so fast I almost didn’t trust it. I was driving home from a meeting with a recruiter and realized it wasn’t my job I was bored with, it was my career. I casually asked myself if I was back in college and doing it all over, what would […]