How I landed my first developer job using PENS

Since accepting my first developer job I keep hearing one question from others making a career switch or learning development…how did you do it? A little background I’m a “career changer” with no background in technology or development. I have a degree in finance from the University of Central Florida and have worked for a […]

Why Bloc? Is it worth the money?

As word started to get out that I accepted a job offer, the questions started coming in. Why Bloc? Is it worth the money? Can someone without a tech background really get a job with Bloc’s course? Let’s go backwards and start with that last question. Can someone without a tech background really get a […]

Balancing a Coding Bootcamp With What Matters Most

I’m currently a student in Bloc’s Part-time Web Development course. And I work full time where I lead a team of 8. And I have an adorable puppy that I’m solely responsible for. And about once a month I volunteer for an emotional intelligence workshop for about 30 hours over a single weekend. Oh and I’m training […]

Code-Chatter Case Study

Code-Chatter is a Slack inspired messaging application built with AngularJS and Firebase where users can create chat rooms and send/receive messages real time. This is actually a project I built earlier this year, I decided to feature this project on my portfolio website and wanted a case study to detail the project.     Explanation As […]

Kele API Client Gem Case Study

Kele is an API Client Gem built to access the student endpoints of Bloc’s REST API. Kele allows students to access mentor availability, send/receive messages and submit checkpoints for work completed. Explanation The Kele project was part of the Bloc Full Stack Developer program to reinforce backend programming fundamentals and deepen my knowledge of Ruby. […]

Brewpedia Case Study

Brewpedia is a Wikipedia inspired Ruby on Rails SaaS app where users can create and collaborate on Markdown-based wikis. Explanation As many web application projects go, building a replica of something we know well is a great way to understand what is happening behind the scenes and have clear direction for building. This project was […]

Adding Medium articles to my website

I chose to use Medium as my “blog” because it so damn easy, but I also wanted a way to list recent articles on my website. This was one area Medium didn’t have an easy solution. Luckily Jason Mathew came to the rescue here and published a great article on how to “Display Medium articles on your […]

Frontend Section Complete

***I just found this article unpublished from March 11th, apparently I never hit send. It’s late but will be fun to look back on in the future so I want to make sure I publish it now*** I just completed the frontend portion of Bloc’s web developer bootcamp. The way their course is laid out, you […]

My first project felt like visiting a foreign country

I started working on my first real world project this week after convincing my boss that our company needed a website update. I recently read the “Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard” article about the different phases of learning to code. After the first phase, the hand holding honeymoon, comes the cliff of […]

Codecademy Ready Review

The biggest benefit so far of this course has been something I did not expect at all, it’s changed the way I see a webpage. On top of the coding bootcamp I’m in the middle of, I decided to take Codecademy Ready’s new “Freelance Website Development” course. Here’s a quick recap of the course at the […]