Frontend Section Complete

***I just found this article unpublished from March 11th, apparently I never hit send. It’s late but will be fun to look back on in the future so I want to make sure I publish it now***

I just completed the frontend portion of Bloc’s web developer bootcamp. The way their course is laid out, you complete a frontend section, backend section and then circle back on specialization projects, so I’m about a third of the way through.

I’ve learned a ton of information over the last couple of months including: HMTL, CSS, Responsive Design, Command Line, Git, GitHub, JavaScript, jQuery and Angular.

I’ve made the frontend of a Spotify like music player in JavaScript then refactored it into jQuery then again into Angular. I setup a profile using Jekyll. I also made the frontend of a Slack like messaging app using Angular and Firebase.

In order to keep progressing along the course I had to pass 2 face-to-face assessments that were mock technical interviews. The first was midway through the frontend section and the second was at the end of the frontend section to open up the backend portion.

Being in a 54 week long program, it’s easy for me to keep my head down and just do work but after being stuck for a couple of weeks, figuring it out and passing my assessment, I took some time to look at all I had accomplished in just a few months. I went from no coding experience to making a messaging app!

As I mentioned before, I find it helpful for retaining information and building momentum when I circle back on a topic I’m not currently focused on in the bootcamp. So I’ll be circling back on the projects mentioned above to clean them up and make public. Now onto learning Ruby on Rails…