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Brewpedia is a SaaS wiki collaboration tool built using Ruby on Rails. Standard users can create public wikis while premium users can create and collaborate on private wikis.

Technology Used:

Ruby on Rails, Stripe, Devise, Pundit, Figaro, Redcarpet and Faker.


Code-Chatter is a Slack inspired messaging application built with AngularJS and Firebase. Users can create chat rooms and send/receive messages real time.

Technology Used:

AngularJS and Firebase.

Kele API Client Gem

Kele is an API Client Gem built to access the student endpoints of Bloc's REST API. Students can access mentor availability, send/receive messages and submit checkpoints for work completed.

Technology Used:

Ruby, HTTParty Gem and JSON Gem.


Bloccit is a Reddit inspired application built with Ruby on Rails. Users can sign up, create posts, comment on posts, vote on posts, favorite posts and receive updates on their favorite posts via email.

Technology Used:

Ruby on Rails, RSpec, SendGrid, Figaro and FactoryGirl.


I was 9 or 10 when my dad told me I was too young to play basketball next door with the teenagers. There was no park nearby and we didn’t have a basketball hoop, so that meant I couldn’t play basketball at all, right?

No. I just built my own basketball hoop. I used a 4x4 as the post, laid 2x4’s flat and nailed them together to make a backboard then used a handsaw to cut a 5-gallon bucket in half for the basket. I was even able set it at a height that I could dunk on!

Why am I telling you this?

While these days I've traded in the basketball for running shoes, I think this story perfectly captures who I am. I'm the kind of person that, at 10 years old, built a basketball hoop when I didn't have one. I’m the kind of person that, at my first office job, got a $3/hour raise and promotion my third day on the job. I'm the kind of person that passed 2 securities license exams in 4 months when the normal expected timeframe is 6 months, per license. I'm the kind of person that went from the reception desk to Director of Operations in three years.

I’m the kind of person that works hard but doesn't take myself too seriously, that is always willing to help a teammate, that laughs at myself when I fall walking up the stairs, that sees the glass half full, that gets excited about learning and shares my enthusiasm for life!


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